TX7W – The Team

Jeff Martin – K5WE

I was first licensed as a Novice in 1967. The DXing bug bit early. I now have 357 DXCC entities confirmed. I also like to operate contests as a casual participant from my modest home station. My favorite mode is CW, but these days I’m on FT8 a lot since that’s where much of the activity is. Raised 3 sons and a daughter. Two of my sons are hams. Later in life I’ve enjoyed traveling to a few DX locations and experiencing the DX end of the pileups…

K5WE DXpeditions:

TX7W – Austral Islands 2024
ZL7/K5WE – Chatham Island 2022
VP2VEM – British Virgin Islands 2019
ZF2WE – Cayman Islands 2016
XR0YS – Easter Island 2016
PJ7/K5WE – Sint Maarten 2014
PJ5W – Sint Eustatius 2014
PJ5/K5WE – Sint Eustatius 2014
FJ/K5WE – St. Barthelemy 2013
KP2/K5WE – US Virgin Islands 2012
PJ4/K5WE – Bonaire 2011
KH6/K5WE – Hawaii 2007
V31WE – Belize 2004

Jeff – K5WE

D. Craig Boyer – W5CCP

Like Jeff, I obtained my Novice license in 1967. In the year I was a Novice, I confirmed 77 countries and worked even more. I was in the 8th grade… that was the beginning! My DXCC total is currently at 339. Ham Radio has greatly impacted the direction of my life, I actually owned a brick and mortar ham store for 8 years. With FT8, I have become a serious DXer again, there is always some DX to work somewhere! I’ve made some interesting DX trips over the years but my favorites were operating from Wake Is. twice and Easter Island, a place I wanted to visit since I was a kid. I also hold a Canadian Advanced class license VO2XX. Married for 41 years, my wife Marcia and I have 2 adult boys.

W5CCP DXpeditions:

TX7W – 2024 Austral Islands
WE5I/KH9 – 1991 Wake Island
WE5I/VO2 – 1991 Labrador City, Lab Canada, CQWW Zone 2 (#2 in Canada)
AH9B – 1993 Wake Island
AH9B/VO2 – 1993 Labrador City, Lab Canada, CQWW Zone 2 (#2 in Canada)
V73DH – 1994 Kwajalein Marshall Is., CQ WPX
ZF2WH – 1994 Grand Cayman
V63BC – 1994 Pohnpei, Micronesia
V59T – 1995 Namibia
XR0Y – 1995 Easter Island, Dayton DXpedition of the Year
V73B – 1996 Kwajalein Marshall Is
CY0XX – 1996 Sable Island
Various operations from KH6 & KL7 over the years

Craig - W5CCP

Craig – W5CCP