Here is some information and history about the station operator, Jeff Martin – K5WE.

I was first licensed as a Novice in 1967. The DXing bug bit early. I now have 357 DXCC entities confirmed. I also like to operate contests as a casual participant from my modest home station. My favorite mode is CW, but these days I’m on FT8 a lot since that’s where much of the activity is. Raised 3 sons and a daughter. Two of my sons are hams. Later in life I’ve enjoyed traveling to a few DX locations and experiencing the DX end of the pileups…

K5WE DXpeditions:

ZL7/K5WE – Chatham Island 2022
VP2VEM – British Virgin Islands 2019
ZF2WE – Cayman Islands 2016
XR0YS – Easter Island 2016
PJ7/K5WE – Sint Maarten 2014
PJ5W – Sint Eustatius 2014
PJ5/K5WE – Sint Eustatius 2014
FJ/K5WE – St. Barthelemy 2013
KP2/K5WE – US Virgin Islands 2012
PJ4/K5WE – Bonaire 2011
KH6/K5WE – Hawaii 2007
V31WE – Belize 2004

Jeff – K5WE